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Weekend Update 3rd October

Congratulations to Jessie Langton and Nathan Alexander for winning the 2020 Under Dog competition. A great effort. Make those shots count whilst you still have them.

Top Dog final is this Saturday the 10th of October. Jones/Eagar verse Allen/Willis. Good luck to both teams.

For the rest of us a haggle with a difference. An Irish Stableford. Normal points for 1st 6 holes, multiply by 2 for 2nd 6 holes and by 3 for 3rd 6 holes.

This weeks haggle winners were:

  1. Blake Christie

  2. Brian Price

  3. Brad Gibbons

  4. Graham Christie

100 CLUB - your payments are due. Please pay at the bar or give to a Match Committee member. This is shaping up to being a great day.


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