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Weekend Update 6th June

OH MY WORD. Are we out of practice OR can we not adapt our game to winter conditions. Congratulations to winners. Scores were low. Sign of the times. WHATEVER!! The competitions start in ernest from this week.

Spedding & Ennis Cups - best 2 rounds out of 3

Austen Yarndley - best nett on day

Armstrong Cup - best gross on day

Normal haggle and two's will be available each week.

Match play champs is coming up with seeding based on index handicap determining divsions.

Seniors - +5-10.6 Blue Tees

Intermediate - 10.7-17.1 Blue Tees

Junior - 17.2-24.4 White Tees

Roy Wills - 24.5-42.2 White Tees

Congratulations also to the men's pennants team on a win on Sundays 1/4 finals. Semi final next week. Keep up the great efforts. More support would be nice.

With the winter conditions keeping our course wet or damp, please be mindful of our greens. Repair pitch marks, divots and watch where you drive your cart.


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