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First off, I want to talk about 100 club which is this Saturday with a mass tee off from 10.30am, below you will see a draw so if you don't see your name in it or conversely see it but cannot play please let me know ASAP so I can have draw ready to go for Saturday.

Now there are just a handful yet to pay so I expect that to happen on Saturday before you tee off and those that requested an invoice should have them and can pay online.

With a mass tee off at 10.30 I expect all to be in around 3 to 3.30pm, prizing giving will happen first followed by a meal which will be at approximately 4.30pm.

The weather looks good and the course is looking great so should be a ripper comp so please enjoy your day out and be mindful that there will be older members there and woman so try not to be a dick.

In other news we sent 4 club members down to Manaia on Sunday and they were Mark Burling, Mike Brown, Mark Midgely and Julie Erwood to represent our club in Top Club where they played really well to finish in 4th position so give them a pat on the back next time you see them.

Sadly Top Dog is still dragging on but we have found one finalist with the Cook/Millar combo giving last years champs Merson/Shearer a bit of a butt kicking and we now also have our Under Dog finalists which is Kite/Taylor vs Dymond/MacDonald, Final for Top/Under Dog is the 11th November.

Just a reminder to players when you finish a match in matchplay even though you may continue on playing you cannot write a score down worse than where you would score 2 Stableford points, this is for obvious reasons so if you notice your card adjusted you are welcome.

Twilight is going awesome and still waiting for the summer evenings to really kick in so thanks for your attendance.

See you all Saturday


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