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Saturday in brilliant conditions we held the Taranaki Masters in conjunction with the Rutherford Cup, scoring was excellent with the greens bouncing back well from recent coring, it was congratulations to Linz Franklin who won on countback from Tom Ferguson and Murray Cook who all scored 40 points, well done to Linz to take the Rutherford Cup, the consolation of a gold medal for Murray and Tom turning 30 to qualify for Masters next year along with some FedEx points helped ease the near miss.

Last week we also held a national vet tournament which while low on entries was a fantastic 4 days with many good friendships made, thanks for all the people who helped out as it made the product we presented to the visitors top draw and their feed back has been great.

Attached also are the club champ matchplay draws for 2024 which kicks off this Saturday, you will see the bottom seeds need to play to get into the last 16 this Saturday, for those that already know there opponent they too are welcome to play this weekend but you have grace to play the following Saturday, it is up to the players involved in the match to organise their own tee off times and if you can’t sort out a tee time I will, so please try to accomodate, if you need contact numbers just txt me as I have them all, remember seniors and intermediates off the Blue Tees with Juniors and Roy Wills players off the whites, all matches off the stick except for Roy Wills where you will play shots off the card, for you Roy Wills players you have a couple of weeks before you need to play as only 4 of you but can do anytime if you wish.

If you are unsure of a ruling, don’t be bullied as I know we have have a lot of new players not sure on rules so do not concede the hole till you have spoken to the match committee so we can make a final ruling, good luck every one.

PS Jonesy just told me draws are also up of club website


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