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First of all, apologies for the delay in information on the Stroke Play Champs, below you will see where everyone is lying after the first 2 rounds with the 3rd round to take place on the 23rd of March.

The Blue tees have certainly proved a challenge for the Intermediates and Seniors but the leaders Jordan and Kitey both take handy leads and be difficult to catch, in the Juniors though there are a couple of wily old sharks in Gonzo and Billy circling David Chadwick waiting to pounce on any mistakes.

Members be aware that this week the course is closed Tuesday till Thursday due to coring of the greens, that is why for those that wish to play this Saturday there will be a Mulligans Stableford Haggle, Mulligans can be purchased at $1 each with a max of 10 mulligans per person.

Congrats goes to Scotty Campbell for winning this years Wairekei event, sadly only 4 players made the trip and looking at the netts the course must have been nearly unplayable, jokes aside it is a tough course and might be time to rethink how and where we go next year.

In pennant news I can tell you that one team is going well with 3 wins and 1 lose while the other team has had zero wins and 4 loses, love to tell you more but its nearly like a secret with info hard to track down.

Remember with coring there is no twilight this week, thats bout it for now.


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