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SGC Notices - Course Closed Coring / Mens Pennant's / Men Xmas Hamper


Reminder that we are scheduled for coring on Monday 10th December and the course will be closed until completed which will be weather dependent.

Mens Closed Xmas Hamper

This Saturday is the mens closed xmas hamper. Entries accepted on the day but to ensure your entry in the draw please contact G Christie 021 1722101 if you wish to confirm a spot.

Mens Pennant

The Mens have a pennants team entered for 2019. Please check your calenders and with your "partners" and leave these days free. Team captain will be filling the team spots soon.

Max Handicap is 24.

Dates - Sun 10th Feb - Te Ngutu

Sun 17th Feb - Fitzroy

Sun 24th Feb - Inglewood

Sun 3rd Mar - Manukorihi

Sun 24th Mar - Stratford

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