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AGM News - Life Membership Awarded

Last night saw the clubs 114 AGM. The Club would appear to be performing well if the number of people at the AGM was anything to go on. A small regular number attended to cover off the years results.

With the Presidents and Treasurers reports presented and out of the way it was onto election of officers. As there were no additional nominations to any of the positions. No elections were required

Your Committee is now

Patron - Aileen Gribbon

President - Matthew McDonald

Vice President - Terry Johnson

Secretary/Treasurer - Vaughan Jones

Club Captain - Graham Christie

Vice Club Captain - Shane Ngatai


Chris Merson

Ann Gordon

Jono Erwood

Sonya Drumond

Ryan Merson

Carl Christie

Nic Schmacher

The committee welcome new committee member Nic Schmacher.and New Patron - Aileen Gribbon

Other business concluded was the setting of Subscriptions. It was unanimously carried to stay in line with inflation that the annual levy be raised to $20 for all members and everything else remains the same.

Next on the Agenda was the remit of Rules 18 and 19. These were passed after some discussion. In those remits were small changes around subs.

Of note - Subs will now be required to be paid in full by 31 January unless agreements in place with the Treasurer. Discounts have been removed and are now at the discretion of the committee. And that no member can downgrade a subscription after 31 Jan. This clause lines with rule 7 which states any member resigning after the first day of February shall be liable for the full years subscription.

We then moved onto General Business where the highlight of the night was Bob Swindlehurst giving background and stories for a proposal for our newest life member.

There was to be no objections as we congratulated John Anderson on becoming a life member.

After a few other discussions the meeting closed and a drink was had to celebrate John's life membership

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