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August News Updates from the Committee

Egmont Champs

We are please to announce that Troy Sorrenson Builders and ITM will become the major sponsors for this years Egmont Champs and our newest Silver Level Sponsor. Please support them as much as you can. More details for Egmont Champs will be out shortly. Egmont Champs are taking place on Saturday the 7th of September.

100 Club

After three months of review the committee have looked long and hard at how 100 Club is run. 100 club is one of the clubs successful fundraising events. The committee all agree that for 100 club to continue that the emphasis must be on having 100 entries. As no trophy is played for it is all about enjoyment and participation with plenty of prizes shared around.

The major changes for this years tournament will see

1) The ladies competing evenly in a combined mens and ladies divisons (seniors,intermediates and juniors) ie no separate ladies division (handicaps calculated as per nz golf rules)

2) The way the non golfing division and non playing golfers are included in the prizes made more equitable

3) That only those that have paid an entry fee may play. ie ticket holders cannot get someone to play the golf section for them.

If you would like more details on this please talk to one of the committee.

We will be starting to fill up any limited vacant spots in this event shortly. So if you would like a spot please contact Terry Johnson or Matthew McDonald.

Major Works

The committee are committing to completing major works to the drainage in front of the 2nd,18th and 9th tees. We are scheduling this in for just after New Year before the club season starts again. Estimates are this is going to cost around 5-7 thousand. We are starting an internal give a little fund for this project. If you can help please or want more details please contact the Secretary/Treasurer.

We are also looking to rebuild the cart sheds and are in the process of obtaining quotes so we can ascertain what funding is required.

Taranaki Trials Sunday 9th September

The course will be partially closed on this day for Taranaki to hold senior trials over 36 holes. 1st tee will be be closed between 7.30 - 9.30 am and 12 - 2pm. There is to be no teeing off the 10th tee on this day.


If you haven't seen already we have had our cart shed broken into. With a reapempt to enter. Please be mindful of visitors to the course and if you see anything suspicious please report it to the committee or the police. Please don't leave valuables lying around in plain site

National Vets Tournament

The date for the National Vets Tournament is getting closer and we need to start gearing up our organisation. We are putting together a special sub committee to manage this event. If you can help on this committee please contact the secretary. Otherwise please attend the first planning meeting to be held on Sunday 15th September at 7pm at the clubhouse

Membership Dues

We are currently reviewing when membership dues are required to be paid by. For a number of reasons we are interested in moving these to align better with our financial year and the start of the playing season. If you have any thoughts on this please make contact with the Secretary. As for this to happen we will need to pass it at an AGM or special general meeting.

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