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Saturday after a dreadful week of weather saw the final round of Graham Cup take place and I thank those that made the effort to play, all in all the weather on the day was pretty damm good.

For those that made it to the club house they found there first beverage was free of charge due to Nigel Jeffrey getting his very first Hole In One on the par 3 15th, he was certainly one happy camper so congratulations Nudge no one can ever take that away from you and you have ticked a box a lot of golfers never do.

I have attached a list of the final overall results but the stellar play from first round leaders Cooksley/Gibson just proved to bigger gap to close for the duo of Cawley/Gibbons who halved the winning margin but came up a couple short.

27 pairs teed it up in the comp over the 2 rounds so awesome to see so many of the Saturday men get amongst it.

Due to the weather Sundays working Bee was postponed till this Sunday so if you can make it that would be appreciated.

This Saturday coming as it is a free week we thought we would run a Strings Stableford Haggle, basically you can buy string at 50 cents a metre to a maximum of 20 metres, this can be used say if a ball is behind a tree or in a hazzard to find relief, cut off what you use and dispose in the bin, you can also use it on the putting green to guarantee the putt is in but once the string you buy is gone, its gone, should be a bit of fun and similar to the Mulligans day held recently, there will be no draw this week so you can play with your mates or Brad and I can help get you in a four, so see you all there😀


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