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Irish Stableford Opening Day

Opening day saw a good size field participate on a beautiful day for golf.

Scoring was indeed very good under the Irish format where stableford point are doubled after the first 6 holes then tripled for the final 6 holes.

Mark Midgely proved to be far to good for the field scoring 87 points but was chased hard by Brendon Gernhoefer and Blair Dudley, prizes were paid down to 13th place, Mike Brown had a good day for his freezer scooping two of the raffle prizes along with a comp prize.

This Saturday the 20th is the Team Hope Charity event, then on the 27th January and 3rd of Feb the clubs first trophy will be up for grabs which is the Summer Cup, this is a Nett comp so next week I will be sending a mass txt asking for entries and creating a draw, remember also both rounds have FedEx points up for grabs and separate haggles incase you miss a round.

Lastly big thanks to Nick, Mike, Jonesy, Macca, Hori, Henry, Jono, Simon and to any I have missed, the course looks fantastic and now the greens mower is cutting better we have a bit more roll so if you haven't got out there for a round you should, it's fantastic.

Good Golfing


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