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Finally a beautiful winters day arrived and it was great to see a good field turn up for the Kelly Cup.

The handicapper sure does a good job of clipping everybody's wings with many playing of single figures and as you can see from the scoring below nobody was really able to tear it up.

The best on the day though was Grant Kite who was crowned the winner with 39 points chased closely by his playing partner Jordan Anderson with 38 points, well done also to Chris Bint who got to have a stress-free day off the tees and shot a very good round of 37 points.

This round was also the last round for qualifying for the FedEx Cup with the top 20 on the day all adding to the scores they had already accumulated, the following are the top 16 and I have added on the next 4 reserves incase some of the top 16 cannot make the FedEx final on the 12th August, they will be asked in order if there is a spare spot.

1: Nick Callingham 111 2: Brian Daysh 93 3: Mark Midgely 78

4: Mike Brown 75 5: Chris Bint 75 6: Brian Price 74

7: Barry Knowles 73 8: Terry Johnson 71 9: Murray Cook 69

10: Chris Merson 68 11: Neil Aldridge 68 12: Matt MacDonald 68

13: Shane Ngataierua 63 14: Clay Millar 61 15: Mark Burling 60

16: Tony Cawley 58 Reserves 17:Tony Moore 58

18: O Campbell 57 19: Jordan Anderson 55 20: Tom Ferguson 54

So if you are one of the top 16 please let me know if Saturday the 12th of August doesn't work so I can elevate the next reserve.

This Saturday is a spare day so there will be a Stableford haggle but no draw so just turn up and play and pay entry at the starters box, also start thinking about getting your entry into the Egmont Champs which is filling up.

See you all Saturday


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