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Match Play Champs

Last weekend Match Play champs kicked off with many matches going past the scheduled 18 holes.

Not too many surprises though but a few of the higher seeds fell, this week is where I think we will see it heat up with all the top seeds in Intermediates and Juniors teeing it up as we hunt for the final 8.

Seniors and Roy Wills are already at their last 8 and I would suggest with the weekends forecast you may wish to play the following week which is acceptable but Intermediates and Juniors unless rained out you are playing, in saying that I will permit matches to be played Sunday through to Thursday if both players agree and can get a result.

There will be a Haggle for those not entered or already knocked out, don't forget that on the 20th of May we have our Winter Open so I am taking entries now.

Sorry bout bottom draws, dont know as to why they are so small but view them on our website under men's trophies

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