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Mens Stroke Play Champs

Saturday saw the first of 3 rounds for the Men's Stroke Play Champs kicking off, two of the division's are relatively tight but it would appear Jono Erwood is in no mood to make a race of the Juniors and has charged to the lead by 9 shots, the nett haggle for the round threw up some great results in the junior White tee division, attached you will see the current standings in the divisions along with the blue and white tee nett divisions for the daily haggle.

This Saturday is the second round of Stroke Play so a mass txt will be out to book your tee time, now just a wee bit of house keeping in regards to cards being filled out correctly, if there is a dispute on a score on a hole ideally sort it out with the marker on the course, if it cant be sorted you need to see myself or Brad directly after the round and before you sign it, we will have no hesitation in disqualifying the player so be warned, we appreciate mistakes happen but if the marker brings attention to the hole score don't blow them off just sort it out or we will.


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