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Open Christmas Hamper

Saturday saw the running of our biggest Open Christmas Hamper for many years with 64 pairings teeing it up, 50 hams plus chickens were up for grabs with the top 30 pairs in the money.

Below is a list of the winners and grinners and for those that played thank you so much for making it the awesome day it was, the feedback was fantastic the and the course was outstanding.

This Saturday Brad and I are supporting the Hawera Open Hamper but I believe Brian Daysh is running a cash haggle for those that wish to play at Stratford.

Saturday the 16th of December is our Closed Hamper and prize giving, we are taking entries now with tee times from 10am till 12pm, entry fee is $20, to encourage members who play in the comp to be there for prize giving we will be having a lucky draw of $100 but you have to be there and we will keep drawing until it is won.

Closed Hamper will be a nett comp with 2 divisions, this is our last competition for 2023 so don't miss out.

Twilight will run till the 20th of December then have a week off before we rip into it again straight after New Year.

I have also been told there are a handful of spots left for the Team Hope Charity event on the 20th of January so have attached there flyer below if you wish to enter, great warm up day before we tear into the 2024 season.

Merry Christmas


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