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Spedding/Enis Cup

Very lucky with the weather and on what appeared to be more difficult scoring day things couldn't have been further from the truth for young Oliver Campbell who hit his best round ever with a 1 under 71 off the stick which enabled him to catch last weeks leader Linz Franklin for the Nett Spedding Cup and win by count back, Linz by virtue of another solid week was able to hang onto the Enis Cup for the best combined 2 rounds of Stableford.

Attached below are the final placings, I have also attached the list I have so far for the Graham Cup so please check that you and your partner have entered and are on there in case I have forgotten, if you haven't entered please hurry up and do so as I would like to create a draw and mix it up more than usual.

Just a reminder of the format for Graham Cup is that it is 2 man Ambrose and pairs must be within 8 shots of each other or the Junior partner drops to within 8 if the gap is more, there are no minimum or max shots any one player must have, placing within 30cm of where the ball lies no closer to the hole in the same lie as taken shot, two best nett rounds of the 3 will win the Graham Cup so if you have to miss a week you are still in it to win, dates are 1st of July, 8th and 15th July.

If you need any clarity or wish to enter txt me on 021936082


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