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Summer Cup Champion = Jonesy

On a beautiful sunny Saturday 47 players in near perfect conditions saw Vaughan Jones make out like a bandit and leap frog the leaders to win the Summer Cup by one shot with a combined nett of 139 from Murray Cook and Warren Dymond both on 140, second round netts are at the bottom of this email.

This week is the first round of the Rutherford Memorial which is a stableford contested competition, there will be a haggle for both rounds and the ladies are welcome to be part of the haggle as long as Dot Golf plays ball and doesn't have a hissy fit like Saturday.

Twilight has been going off this year with around 50 golfers each week, this week we will have another Red tee comp so we want those who played the first comp to have a crack at the other 9.

A quick update on our men's pennant team sees them after 2 rounds unbeaten and they beat the defending champs in round 1 so that's an awesome result that I wanted to share.

Lastly thanks to the lads who are replying to the txt's so we can create draws on a Saturday and mix it up a bit, we do ask though that you stick to the draw and whilst we are happy to take walk ups preference will be given to those that make the effort so you may find yourself in a 2 or a 3 if not entered via the official draw.

Good golfing everyone


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