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Finally a cracker day for Top Dog Qualifying and some of the scores were outstanding, couple of lads had partners missing but still gave qualifying a crack with Vaughan Jones shining and beating the duo of Macca and Dinky in their friendly for the beer and for poor Terrance with a 16 on one hole killing a chance of qualifying higher, the following are the matches I would like played on Saturday or no later than the following Friday.

Sorenson/Pepper vs Erwood/Drummond

Chadwick/Rooney vs Sayer/Midgely

Taylor/Kite vs Goble/Sandford

Willis/Jeffrey vs Balks/Kupe King

Ngataierua/Campbell vs Cooper Midgely

Morton/Aldridge vs Johnson/Daysh

Christie/Callingham vs Brown/Davidson

Price/Walsh vs Eagar/jones

Bates/Bates vs Dymond/McDonald

It is up to each match to sort out their tee off times so if you need a contact number for your opposition let me know and I will txt it to you. Losers from this week will go straight to Under Dog and will be playing next week to join all first-round losers from the top 16.

We will run a haggle for those not matching Saturday, weather looks good so see you all there.


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