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First round of Top Dog took place on a glorious day for golf and to no ones suprise there were some hard fought matches with most matches going deep.

We now have our top 16 pairs for Top Dog whose matches I would like played Saturday or no later than the following Friday, remember it's up to each match to sort out their tee off time with their opponents and they are as follows;

Cook/Millar vs Sorensen/Pepper

Sayer/Midgely vs Goble/Sandford

Gibbons/Kolevski vs Willis/Jeffrey

Ngatiaerua/Campbell vs Merson/Shearer

Ferguson/Gernhoefer vs Johnson/Daysh

Christie/Callingham vs Moore/Bint

Smithson/Kelly vs Price/Walsh

Dymond/McDonald vs Cawley/May

The following matches are from the losers on Saturday who now match this Saturday to join the first round losers from this week in Under Dog;

Taylor/Kite Bye

Chadwick/Rooney vs Brown/Davidson

Bates/Bates vs Cooper/Midgely

Morton/Aldridge vs Balks/Kupe-King

Erwood/Drummond vs Jones Eagar

As most playing matches this week we will have a raffle available but there will be no haggle, if you need help with contact numbers just let me know.

See you all Saturday


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