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Top Dog Draws

First round of Top Dog took place on Saturday which saw some evenly contested matches on a glorious sunny day, winners through to the next round which take place this week are as follows, K Bates/ T Cooksley, B Daysh/ R Kilpatrick, J Smithson/ G Kelly, W Cleland/ D Bates, S Jury/ C Drummond, T Fergusson/ D Chadwick, B Gibbons/ R Merson, and finally J Erwood/ G Clough. First round of Under Dog starts this week so tee off times will also be posted later in the week for both comps.

Just to add some clarity with the golf ball hitting the flag stick and not going in the hole as long as the ball remains within one standard club grip length measuring from the base of the flag with any part of the ball being within the grip that shot shall be deemed in. This rule will be in place for all comps and haggles until we have a level change.

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