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Top Dog Finals

Sorry this is a bit late , this week end is the final of Top Dog with the James Smithson/Graham Kelly duo taking on Brad Gibbons and Ryan Merson, should be an epic battle and be fair to say Danny Bates and myself are very interested in the result being the owners of the teams in the Calcutta.

Underdog semi finals will also be played this weekend with the Vaughan Jones / Leon Eagar duo taking on Troy Sorensen and Adam Kingston and in the other match due to his partner opting to watch horse racing Murray Cook on his own is taking on Olly Campbell and Harley Cooper.

The 100 Club draw is filling up fast so for those that have yet to pay either get your $100 to me at Cooks Honda or pay at the bar.


lso dont forget the pairs tournament Labour weekend, we are taking entries now so txt to 021936082 or messenger me on FB

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