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Top Dog Qualifying

So good news is that we can play some form of golf over the next week or so albeit being rather restrictive but until we are at Level 2 we are unable to start any club competitions.

One would think though that assuming there is no change in the Covid status and things improve we could be at Level 2 this time next week so if that is correct we will have Top Dog Qualifying on Saturday 11th of September so make the most of the next week to get in some golf albeit on your own so you can hit the ground running rather than be a rusty old nut complaining you haven't played for 3 weeks.

It would be good if you guys can let me know your pairings so I can get you all entered into Dot Golf, I appreciate some may have to try to qualify on there own if their partner is unavailable but send me through the pairing anyway, this year you will be allowed to qualify and/or play matches on your own and if your good enough to qualify/win then you will deserve to move forward.

In case of rain we will apply the same wet weather rules we have applied in stroke/matchplay which you can find in previous communications which are on the website.

Remember only the top 16 go through to Top Dog and the rest to Under Dog along with first round losers from Top Dog.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask me and txt me your pairing to 021936082



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