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Another awesome day to get the first round of Top Dog sorted with some Under Dog matches also played and after this week both comps will have their final 8 pairs.

Some truly tough matches look place and the Merson/Shearer team were certainly talking up their chances of defending the title they won last year if the talk in the bar was to be believed and that was before they even started so goodness knows a win is going to add gasoline to that fire.

Attached are the up to date draws of both top and Under Dog, only the Under Dog matches have to be played this weekend so get them down to the last 8 and in sync so I'll be in touch with those playing, for the rest of us Saturday we are playing no flags day haggle and it will be Stableford, quite simply the rules are that there will be the normal flag on each green but you have the option of chipping or putting to the other hole if you deem that the easier option, for those that choose not to go in the haggle feel free to carry on as normal.

Looks another cracker day so see you all there.


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