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New World 100 CLUB

In what can only be described as tricky conditions with a decent breeze and challenging rough the New World 100 Club Day was held, scores showed that if you played to your handicap you were definitely heading to the prize table.

All 100 tickets to the event were sold and for those that let their ticket go they may well battle to get one back, attached you will see all the scores and congrats to the top 12 of the 2 divisions who were the prize winners, the big winners in the draws were John Cusdin taking home the $1000 and Murray Cook winning the $500 draw.

Big thanks to Dan and Rebecca from New World for their sponsorship, it's a massive help to putting on this tournament and also like to give Team Hope a big shoutout for all their efforts in the kitchen and manning the BBQ throughout the day.

Next couple of weeks saturday will just have some haggles running but start thinking about our 2-person Ambrose Open Christmas Hamper on the 3rd of December and get your entries in to me, details are on the flyer attached.


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